Name of Programme

  Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Duration of the B.Ed Programme

 The B.Ed programme shall be for duration of two academic yearconsisting of 200 working days (36 hours in a week – 5 or 6 days in a week) each year excluding the period of examination and admission.

Programme Content

  The B.Ed programme will consist of Theory courses in ‘Perspectives in Education’ and Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies’ along with ‘Engagement with the Field’ as practical component.

Courses in Perspectives in Education

  Course 1 : Childhood and Growing up
  Course 2 : Contemporary India and Education
  Course 3 : Learning and Teaching
  Course 6 : Gender, School and Society (1/2 Course)
  Course 8 : Knowledge and Curriculum
  Course 10 : Creating an Inclusive School (1/2 Course)

Courses in Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies

  Course 4 : Language across the Curriculum (1/2 Course)
  Course 5 : Understanding Disciplines and Subjects (1/2 Course)
  Course 7 (a&b) : Pedagogy of a School Subject (1/2 Course)
  Course 9 : Assessment for Learning
  Course 11 : Optional Course (1/2 Course)