It is the vision of the college to enable our teacher trainees to thoroughly equip themselves for every good work (I Tim 3:17), to educate and elevate both themselves and the students committed to their care and to function as catalysts of social transformation and help create an egalitarian society.Our college motto therefore is EQUIP EDUCATE ELEVATE. This implies constant learning for continuous services.


Teachers are agents of social transformation. In the age of knowledge society, eternal human values have been sidelined in the race to acquire knowledge. So C.S.I. Bishop Appasamy College of Education’s mission is to enable its teacher trainees.

To aim for holistic development – Physical, intellectual, emotional,social and spiritual spheres,
To enhance their personal and professional competence and skills,
To imbibe eternal values which will inspire their students to absorb and emulate,                                                                                             
To be proactive and responsible role – models.

College Emblem


             The emblem of the college portrays the aspirations of the management for its trainees and teacher – educators. The shield of faith is a trophy rewarding persistent hard work. The pair of compound leaves symbolize – beauty, fertility and prosperity (Jer 11:16) which need to be nurtured to nurture our bodies and to remind us of the urgent need for greening of the earth. The open and illuminated book points to God – the source of wisdom and His accessibility to all searching (Prov.8:17) minds. The twining vine signifies our dependence on God to bear fruit (Jn 15:5) and to be a blessing to others. The cross at the crest symbolizes God’s sacrificial love which inspires, energizes and empowers the seeking soul to love Him and fellow humans and serve both diligently (1 Jn 3:16). The motto at the base reinforce these aspirations.