Welcome to the Bishop Appasamy College of Education website. C.S.I. Bishop Appasamy College of Education is the latest pffshoot of the Coimbatore Diocese. Apart from its many other ministries, the diocese offers excellent educational service through its many institutions. Such avast number of institutions require well – trained teachers to offer quality education, along with Christian nurture. With its ideal in view, the C.S.I.Bishop Appasamy College of Education was envisaged and necessary steps were taken in 2005 itself, but it became a reality only in 2007.

The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) inspected the college and Bharathiar University’s commision inspected it on 14th July 2007 and temporary affiliation was granted on 22nd August. The college became another milestone in the faith – journey of the diocese on 21st Sep 2007, when the RT.REV. DR. MANICKAM DORAI, B.A., B.D., M.TH., D.D. Bishop of Coimbatore Diocese inaugurated and dedicated the college to the glory of God and for the service of society.