The BACED Alumni Association

The Bishop Appasamy College of Education provides a supportive forum to keep in touch with former students. This not only enables the faculty to be aware of what the alumni is doing, but also gives former students an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the faculty and current students. The alumni meet once a year. The activities of the association include organization of workshops, seminars and reunion. It is the moment of pride that our alumni have achieved success in their respective careers and we always considered our alumni as an asset and strength. Therefore, we celebrate their accomplishments with great enthusiasm.

Objectives of Alumni Association

  • To provide a stage for interaction among students and faculty.
  • To organize various programmes which will help students and community at large.
  • To communicate the activities of the institution and alumni.
  • To provide a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day.
  • To arrange social and cultural functions.
  • To keep in touch with former students.

Eligibility For Membership

  • A person is eligible to become life member of Alumni Association if he/she studied in BACED.
  • Former/present faculty members are also eligible to become life members.
  • Anyone interested in the activities of the Alumni association of BACED is eligible to become a member.