Selection Procedure

Admission of the eligible candidates will be given as per the selection procedure laid down by the respective State Government from time to time. Candidates seeking admission in the colleges from State of Tamilnadu need to appear for CET.


B.Ed. Programme duration shall be of two academic years including four semester.

Working Days
  • 200 working days each year exclusive of period of examination & admission.
  • Minimum 36 hours in a week, physical presence in the institute of student teacher is necessary.
  • Minimum attendance of student-teachers shall have to be 80% for all course work & practicum, & 90% for school internship.
Medium of Instruction

The candidates admitted into the B.Ed degree course in the Colleges of Education affiliated to Tamilnadu Teachers Education University should select the medium of instruction either as English or as Tamil (as per the availability if the medium of instruction in the colleges of education). After the last date of admission. Principals of the Colleges of Education should submit the name list along with the medium of instruction chosen by each candidate to Tamilnadu Teachers Education University.

In case, if the admitted candidates prefer to change their medium of instruction at later stage of the course it should be permitted only after obtaining necessary written permission from the Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, prior to the publication of Nominal Roll.

Medium of instruction chosen by the candidate to pursue B.Ed. degree course will be indicated in the B.Ed. degree course transfer certificate alone. Classroom instruction shall be carried out separately for different medium of instruction.

Medium of Examination

The medium of examination shall be Tamil & English irrespective of the medium of instructive. Medium of writing answer papers of theory courses & practical work (including school lessons) should be the same.